Twister T4 Dry Trimming Package (Narrow 3/16" Tumbler + 70 Micron Leaf Collection Bag)

by Twister

An optional add-on to the popular Twister T4 Trimmer, the DRY trimming package gives T4 owners the freedom to choose between trimming WET or trimming DRY. The package includes one DRY tumbler, and a redesigned 70 micron leaf collection bag. Working with existing Twister T4 Trimmers the Tumbler can be switched from WET to DRY in seconds.

Designed for dry trimming

Engineered specifically for growers who want to trim dry.

Preserve your trim

The new 70 micron leaf collection bag keeps all that sparkling fresh trim safe, secure and intact.

Hand-trim quality

Product trimmed with the Twister T4 Narrow has been lab tested to be equal or better than hand-trimmed product.

Trim tight, trim safe

The Twister tumblers provide a trim that’s tight, clean, yet gentle on your product.

Fastest way to trim dry

The single piece flow system ensures the fastest trim at the highest quality Tried and true Developed and tested by the same team of engineers who brought you the Twister T2 and T4.

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