Rosinbomb Rocket


Professional-Grade, Solvent-Less Rosin Press for Home Use

Create your own concentrate at home. The ROSINBOMB Rocket fits in a backpack, weighs only 13 lbs and will apply 1,500+ lbs of force. The unit is quiet. It doesn't require a noisy compressor to function. Stainless steel.  Made in the USA.

Small (10" x 6" x 6")
Portable (less than 13 pounds)
Powerful (>1,500 pounds of force)
Organic (no chemicals)
Quiet (no compressor)
High Quality (22-gauge stainless steel)
Plug and Play (110/220V)


Able to crush up to 5 grams, depending the density of your material

Pulls only 3 amps at full pressure

Only 10 inches tall

Weighs 13 lbs

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