GreenBroz 215 Flower Sorter

Save 3%

Maintain Quality. Process Faster.

The GreenBroz 215 Sorter is a revolution in size sorting for your cannabis harvest. Simple to use and gentle on your flower, our 215 Sorter allows you to exponentially speed up your sorting process while maintaining that fine quality your cultivation is known for.

Faster sorting times allow your flower to spend less time in the processing phase of your cultivation, in addition to being handled less by your staff, ensuring that your product remains as close to fresh off the stem as possible.

Great care and precision went into developing our 215 Sorter, which was built with food-grade materials like stainless steel and polyurethane. 

Maintain your quality while processing your flower faster with our 215 Sorter!

Preserve Potency

Process Faster

Sorting your flower provides you with multiple advantages. First, you can trim similarly sized flower together, allowing you to easily achieved a more uniform trim. Next, using our automated 215 Sorter will speed up the process, shortening your harvest time and the amount of time your flower spends outside of a controlled environment like a bag, bin, or storage room. Lastly, our 215 Sorter will limit the amount of time your flower is handled by your employees, again preserving the quality your brand is known for.

Quality Construction

Food-Safe Materials

Our 215 Sorter is constructed from anti-microbial stainless steel and polyurethane, greatly reducing the chance of any contamination of your flower. Our simple-to-use design creates an intuitive sorting process with a number of available adjustments and features that allow you to control your sizing and speed throughout the sorting operation.

Innovative Design

Just Say No to Vibration

When designing the 215 Sorter, we immediately took the vibration method off the table. By using a conveyor and band system, we're facilitating a more gentle action on your flowers that will match or exceed the sorting speed of anything in the industry, while at the same time achieving the gentle approach that has become synonymous with GreenBroz equipment.

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