EZ Press Pro Rosin Press


EZTRIM’s EZ PRESS PRO is the world’s best rosin press. The EZ PRESS PRO uses heat and pressure for extraction and enables up to 60% yields. You can press your flowers or trim. No need for butane, co2, purging or heavy equipment that is dangerous to use.

The EZ PRESS comes with everything needed to start pressing rosin today. Including: stand, press, micron tubes, heat plates, air compressor, all fittings, and digital thermometer.

How it works

Instructions for use:
1. Power on the unit
2. Set the temperature to 93.3-132 degrees Celsius 200-270 degrees Fahrenheit for both plates (temp is preset at factory to 104.4 degrees C or 220 degrees F)
3. Fill the micron tubes with 1 OZ. of product
4. Distribute the product evenly through the tube
5. Fold over 2” of the tube at the open end
6. Place the tube between 2 sheets of parchment paper
7. Place the tube and parchment paper centered over the heat plate
8. Release piston until raised to its highest point and tighten release screw
9. With full top/bottom strokes pump the jack 21 – 23 times. Do not exceed 23 full pumps on the jack as it can damage the frame
10. Hold in the pressed position for 30sec. to 1 minute
11. Release the heat plates until the piston rises to its highest point and remove the parchment paper and tubes
12. Empty the micron tubes and repeat steps 3 – 11

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