Twister T2 vs Others

There is a reason we only carry the Twister Trimmers. We believe they are the best and we wouldn't use anything else. Let's face it, you have options. While we can't speak on the grounds of actually using a majority of the other machines we can say that based on speaking with customers, market research, business credibility, owners, forums and other outlets. Twister Trimmers win hands down.

With so many options out there and wanna be up and comers Commercial Trimmers can get a bad rap. When guys who have been using the old fashioned methods rent a Twister Trimmer and come back with a smile from ear to ear and schedule another booking what else can you say. It's really one of those things you have to see to believe. Recently we had a business owner drive hours to come pick up a Twister for a rental because he heard through the grapevine about the T2 and knew we rented he was dreading doing it "old school" the way he always had. Long story short he comes back with one of those ear to ear smiles telling us how his 6 guys couldn't keep up with it! The only way to believe it is to see it. Don't mess with anything but the best...for you buds sake.


Your not trimming all that by hand are you?? 


Quick Facts:

    • Twister has over 10 years of Research and Development
    • Highest powered vacuum delivers the closet cut
    • Designed to last - T2 includes 2 year warranty, T4 includes a 1 year.
    • Watertight electrical and motors allow for complete high-pressure wash-down.
    • No paint to chip or flake; strips down for complete cleaning access in less than 10 seconds with no tools; fully serviceable by end-user.
    • Fastest in the industry
    • Extremely precise blade adjustment (.0009” / .023mm per click)
    • Allows for large batches
    • Closest cut with damaging
    • Depending on machine it you can do 5-20 pounds an hour!
    • Designed for large and small scale growers
    • Trimmed pieces are of uniform quality, hour after hour; day after day
    • Very productive, replaces several slackers
    • 11 StaySharp™ self-sharpening blades are maintenance-free and perform 19,250 cuts every 60 seconds
    • Like the MacBook Pro of Trimmers
    • Doesn't take lunch

Rent one today and if you decide to buy one we give you the rental fee off the purchase. Or you can keep using scissors.