Twister T2 Tumbler 50 Slot - Wet (1/4in slots)

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The redesigned Twister T2 wet tumbler with 50 slots has 25% more cutting surface and is more precise than ever. This translates to a faster and closer cut. 1/4" tumbler is great for wet product. Length 38", Diameter 6-3/8" and distance from the end to belt groove is roughly 4-1/2" if looking to replace a tumbler on a unit other than a T2.

Twister Trimmer Diamond DealerWe are proud to be one of the few Twister Diamond Dealers in the United States. From our showroom in Washington just north of Seattle to our online store we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Twister trimmers and the support we provide to our customers.

When you purchase a Twister machine from NWGS LLC you know you are dealing with a company that will have your back. Twister machines are work horses but if you ever have an issue with a machine you purchased from us we will expedite parts replacements, handle warranty issues and if your local we will even let you use one of our rental machines free of charge until your back up and running. The chances of having an issue are slim to none, but if something happens we will be here.

As a Twister Trimmer Diamond Dealer we are confident we can provide the service you expect and get you the very best deal on a new Twister trimming machine. We sell a lot of machines which means we can pass those savings on to you. If you find a better price anywhere let us know. Best price, best service, best trim.


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