Twister T2 Trim Saver CS18

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Twister Trim Saver Leaf Collector

This is a game-changer for trimmers and we expect it to be in high-demand for the next few months so get yours today. Orders will be shipped in the order received. Free Shipping on all T4 and T2 Trim Savers for a Limited Time.

The Twister Trim Saver is a revolution in trim collection and preservation for Twister Leaf Trimmers. An Industry First, the Trim Saver uses radial cyclone technology to generate airflow from a vacuum, effectively bypassing the vacuum impeller to deliver the greatest production possible without damaging your trim. Available for both the Twister T2 AND Twister T4. Works for both WET and DRY.

Cyclonic Design

An industry first, the Trim Saver uses radial cyclone technology to collect your valuable trim, effectively bypassing the impeller used in traditional vacuum-based trim collection systems.

Simple Operation

The Trim Saver™ is truly plug-and-play. Simply connect the vacuum hose to the trimmer and hit the power switch. It’s that simple.

Industry Best

Trim QualityWhether using WET or DRY, the Trim Saver™ provides maximum separation efficiency of trim, collecting over 99% of your product in an easy-to-empty collection bin beneath the cyclone.

Easy to Clean

Designed from the ground up for easy disassembly and cleaning, the Trim Saver™ comes with a removable “trim collection bin”, allowing for quick 2 minute wipedowns between trim sessions.


Twister Trim Saver


Input Voltage 240V
Motor 3 hp
Amps (running) 9
Amps (startup) 49
Motor Speed 3450 RPM
Airflow Capacity 1700 CFM
Static Pressure 10 in H2O
Impeller 12.75 in.
Inlet (cyclone) 6″
Height 72
Weight 170lbs
Circuit Breaker Required 15A, 240V
Connector (plug) NEMA 6-20P
Sound Rating 80 db
Fused Yes
Filter Bag 1-80 Micron
Collection Bag N/A


Replacement Parts  Bag Clamps, Filter Bags, Trim Bags, Bin Liner, Gaskets
Maintenance Clean Separator, Hoses, Impeller Housing, Replace Filter bag
Part# 23-0200


Twister Trimmer Diamond DealerWe are proud to be one of the few Twister Diamond Dealers in the United States. From our showroom in Washington just north of Seattle to our online store we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Twister trimmers and the support we provide to our customers.

When you purchase a Twister machine from NWGS LLC you know you are dealing with a company that will have your back. Twister machines are work horses but if you ever have an issue with a machine you purchased from us we will expedite parts replacements, handle warranty issues and if your local we will even let you use one of our rental machines free of charge until your back up and running. The chances of having an issue are slim to none, but if something happens we will be here.

As a Twister Trimmer Diamond Dealer we are confident we can provide the service you expect and get you the very best deal on a new Twister trimming machine. We sell a lot of machines which means we can pass those savings on to you. If you find a better price anywhere let us know. Best price, best service, best trim.


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