TrimPro Rotor XL / Standard

by TrimPro
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The TrimPro Rotor XL is designed to set new standardsÑnot only for faster, gentler, more efficient trimming of your high-value harvest, but for unbeatable value, too! Now even the largest harvests gets our unique gentle touch, as the new TrimPro Rotor XL brings the quiet efficiency pioneered by our class-leading Rotor model to high-volume producers favoring the rack drying technique. The Rotor XL trimmerÕs 6 rotating arms support 24 high-quality, stick- resistant leather fingers, designed to gently move flowers around the non-stick grate, allowing tempered steel blades below to trim leaves carefully and efficiently. Control is optimized with finger and blade speeds individually variable, and adjustable height control for both the finger support arms and cutting head. The clear, hinged, drum-cover further enhances control, increasing visibility to reduce the need for Ôsecond-passÕ processing. With secondary material falling securely into the workstationÕs redesigned catch-bag system, touch-less extraction completes the process, with flowers exiting effortlessly through the unitÕs gate, once unlatched. Stand is included.

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