TrimBud is an authorized retailer of Futurola. Futurola was born from Futurola Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 1996. Growing and evolving to exceed industry standards, Futurola has developed a world-class product line of rolling accessories for everyone from consumers to producers.

THE KNOCKBOX 2 - The Futurola Knockbox fills  10 Pre-Rolled Cones in 2 minutes. The Knockbox product line is compatible with 16 varieties of Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones, ranging in size from Reefer Size Pre-Rolled Cones (±0.5g), up to Party Size Pre-Rolled Cones (±2g). Futurola has developed the Knockbox cone filling system over many years to provide the highest level of client satisfaction.

KNOCKBOX COMPATIBLE PRE-ROLLED CONES - Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones are hand-rolled to perfection using unbleached + unrefined Rolling Paper, with organic gum arabic from the acacia tree.

SHRED 3 POUNDS IN 2 SECONDS - The Futurola Shredder is the perfect companion for the Knockbox cone filling system. The Shredder, which is constructed of food grade stainless steel, features a passive whipping mechanism to shred the material, thus creating the perfect shred consistency to fill Pre-Rolled Cones with the Knockbox + Knockbox 2.