When it Matters Most... Choose Twister.

When it Matters Most... Choose Twister.

Between September 15 and October 31, Twister is 100% committed to providing world-class customer service during this years harvest season.

Because there is ZERO ROOM for downtime.

You need answers NOW. You need parts NOW.

You simply cannot afford to have your trimming partner drop the ball during such an important time of the year.

Twister and TrimBud are ready to support.

Harvest Ready for Twister means:

Twister Provides World-Class Support!
Customers can call Twister 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to be connected to the industry's best technical support team. Trimming questions? They are always there to help (so are we) - 1-888-254-3204.

Parts Are In-Stock 
All parts are in stock and ready to ship at a moments notice. Never get caught without an essential part when you need it most. 

Parts in 24 Hours
Not only are the essential parts in stock, we ship them in less than 24 hours after receiving your order.

Replacement Units Available
In the event that an issue cannot be solved over the phone or with parts - and the unit is under warranty - Twister will do there best to get a replacement unit out within 48 hours*.

Because we are 100% HARVEST READY for your customers!

Twister always stands behind the machines. And they do whatever it takes to make things right.

When it matters most, choose Twister.


Happy trimming!!

Team Twister

*Depending on location

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