Twister now offers a FULL 10 Year Warranty

Twister now offers a FULL 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on all new Twister T2 Trimmers

That's right.

After a full 10 years in business, Twister is now offering a 10 year full warranty on the Twister T2 Trimmer.

One of the things they learned over 10 years was just how strong Twister machines are and how long they last. After looking into the T2 business, they realized that not only is the Twister T2 well below industry standard for warranty work and repairs, they also realized there's absolutely no reason not to pass on this added value to customers.

So effective today - and in connection with Twisters 10 Year Anniversary, Twister Trimmer is increasing the standard warranty included on every Twister T2 machine to a FULL 10 YEARS