Twister Trimmer Crash Course

Twister Crash Course

Twister manufacturers the highest quality harvesting equipment. They have 3 models currently on the market. Twister has been around for 11 years, and is a pioneer in the harvesting side of the industry. Everyone at Twister and TrimBud comes from a 'same industry' background, with tons of experience in all types of growing. Twister takes great pride in the level of customer service, and the level of service provided by the amazing dealer network including TrimBud, the only "Twister Only" store in the US. The 3 machines Twister currently offers are as follows...

Twister T4

This is the medium size machine. We consider it the 'workhorse'. This machine can trim both wet and dry, by swapping out tumbler. Trimming wet, you will be processing around 4 lbs/hr (dried weight, actual wet weight going through would be around 20 lbs/hr.) Trimming dry, you will be processing about 7 lbs/hr. You can run up to 3 of these in tandem.

Twister T2

This is our bigger machine (industrial/outdoor). This machine can also trim wet or dry, with same tumbler swap. Trimming wet, you will be processing around 7 lbs/ hr (dried weight) Trimming dry, you will be processing around 11 lbs/hr. You can run 2 of these machines in tandem.

Twister T6

The newest model that was released in June of 2017. This is the home-style machine, for smaller/hobby growers. Can also trim wet and dry. The Twister T6 will process around 2 lbs/hr wet, 4 lbs/hr dry. You will be able to run 3 of these in tandem.


The Twister T4 and T6 units come with a 3 year, full manufacturer-defect warranty program. The Twister T2 units come with a industry leading 10 year, full manufacturer-defect warranty. You have an option at time of sale to purchase an additional 2 years, to make a total of 5 on the T4 and T6. Tech support is available, Monday - Sunday 7am-7pm.

Wet vs Dry

For Wet trim, it is pretty straight forward. Buck flower off plant, and toss through machine. This will be the easier route, as you do not have to worry about moisture content, etc. Benefits of wet trim are that it is easier to do, and you will get a higher flower weight. (90%, 10% trim.) Downside with wet trim is that product can give off a 'wet grass' smell. 

For Dry trim, the main thing to focus on is moisture content. Should be between 12-15%, meaning that it should be dry to the touch, but still have moisture in the centre. This is a benefit compared to other machines, as others say to dry down to 8%, which does not leave you much room for play. Benefit of dry trim is that you will not have the 'wet grass' smell, and will have a better smelling end product. As the product is more delicate than wet, dry trim will give you a less flower weight, higher trim weight. You will be getting around 75% flower, 25% trim, but better quality end product.

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