Twister T4 Setup Procedure

Twister T4 Setup Procedure

Refer to user manual for detailed instructions.

Please note: If you need to run product faster elevate machine, to run slower you will need to level out machine.

  1. Turn blades on first and make sure there is a slight grinding sound between the Bedknife and the reel blade. Refer to manual for adjustment/alignment instructions.
  1. Turn Tumbler on and make sure it spins freely
  1. Turn on vacuum. The grinding sound may get louder because of the suction. Make adjustment by backing off Bedknife until you hear slight grinding sound.
  1. With the machine and vacuum running add product to the hopper or conveyor getting the Tumbler half full and then feeding a handful in every 10 seconds. This is just a guideline. Results will vary depending on strain, moisture content etc.


When trimming wet product:

- Spray brush with ice cold water every 5 minutes while running product through. The water will transfer onto the Tumbler as its spinning keeping it cold to reduce buildup. Also recommended to drop temperature in the room you are trimming in. The colder the room the better.

-Spray Clearcut on both the Bedknife and the reel blade and wipe off any excess lubricant


When Trimming Dry:

-No Lubricant is required


Recommended Safety equipment:

Safety glasses


Please let us know if you have any questions. Happy Trimming! 

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