Twister T4 Dry - Advantage #1 🍃💦 Moisture level

Twister T4 Dry - Advantage #1 🍃💦 Moisture level

Most trimming companies convince buyers to trim at moisture levels at or below 8% simply because it fits with the design of their non-blade machine. This is a fact.

Ask yourself, Should a machine dictate your drying process?

Testing at Twister always shows higher THC recovery and better flower appearance when trimming at DRY moisture levels between 10-13% (preferably 11%). NOT 6-8% which is BONE BRITTLE DRY!!! Although the T4 can trim at 8% we don’t recommend it - but not because it doesn’t work with the T4, but because it’s too damn dry to trim.

Like a trim bag, at 6-8% you are simply breaking the flower from the trim, losing an ENORMOUS amount of potency in the process + end up grinding the flower down to a rock tumbled appearance which in most markets these days gets completely rejected at the wholesale level as “machine trimmed”. Dialing in your Twister T4 to match a well dried flower at 11% is the right way to go. Why?

1. Adds weight
2. Higher Potency
3. Better Appearance.

DM us for the test results to prove it. 🔥🔥🔥 #twistert4 #twistertrimmer
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