Twister T4 Advantage #2 - What's in your Trim?

Twister T4 Advantage #2

What’s in your Trim?

Should the quality of your tumbler cause you to fail testing?

At Twister, they have always used food grade 304 Stainless as the quality finishing on the tumblers because it’s proven to work in thousands of facilities and productions worldwide over the past 10 years!! Testing has always shown 304 Stainless to be the safest choice for your flower and trim production.

Because it’s food grade!! It’s also easy to clean, doesn’t wear down over time (like shown on other style tumblers) and doesn’t flake off causing finishes or coatings to enter into your quality flower and trim production.

Avoid a costly mistake and always choose 304 Stainless for your tumblers.

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