Troubleshooting Twister T2

Troubleshooting Twister T2

Tumbler makes grinding sound

This could be due to damage to the tumbler causing it to rub or it may just need to be adjusted further from the blades.

Tumbler motor shakes

This is likely due to debris caught in the pulleys somewhere.

Blade motor is very hot

The blade motor can get very hot if ran for long periods. This is normal. The motor is thermally protected and will turn off if too hot.

There is a high pitch squeal coming from the blades

This can be due to the blade rubbing the protective cover if the cover was dropped or bent. This can also indicate the machine needs cleaning.

There is a high speed ticking sound coming from the blades

This is normal. A ticking sound is the blades making slight contact. This is necessary to maintain the self-sharpening of the blades. If the sound is more than a faint ticking sound, stop and unplug the machine. Check for adjustment and damage to the blades.

Debris is getting clogged up in the vacuum inlet

Depending on the model of vacuum, there may be a safety screen covering the inlet. Clear the blockage from the screen.

The circuit breaker keeps tripping

This is typically caused by too long or undersized cord. Also ensure the machine is not sharing a circuit with other devices. Do not increase circuit breaker size.

The blade motor cycles on startup

This is typically caused by too low of a voltage. Excessive distances from transformers and/or electrical panels can reduce voltages. Too long or undersized extension cords may also cause cycling. The blade belt may also be adjusted too tight.

There is a lot of material buildup on the brush and tumbler

Increase frequency and amount of lubricant applications or clean the machine.

Suction from the vacuum seems weak

Ensure there is nothing blocking the hose. Clean the upper filter on the vacuum. A clean or new filter will keep performance high. Buildup can also accumulate in the vacuum housing around the impeller, reducing performance. Unplug the vacuum and remove the inlet housing to clean inside impeller housing.

The material comes out of the machine under processed

Ensure all components are on and suction is high. Ensuring the machine is level will also increase quality. Keeping the tumbler half full will also ensure quality. Some materials may benefit from a second pass through the machine.

There is too much suction

Increasing hose length and adding bends will reduce suction.

The blade motor won’t start

This is likely due to poor adjustment or lack of lubrication or cleaning on previous use. If residue buildup hardens, it can cause the motor to bind on subsequent use.

The start button for the blade lights the LED indicator however the motor does not respond

This is a safety feature that protects the motor. The motor has overheated and is in cool down mode. The blades likely need cleaning or adjustment. An improper tension on the blade belt is also possible. It may take several minutes for the system to reset. It will continue to happen if the problem is not addressed.

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