Cleaning your Twister T4

Twister T4 Cleaning

Recommended Cleaners: Simple Green eXtreme, Isopropyl(99%), Simple Green Crystal.


Steps to clean your Twister T4 Trimming Machine

  1. The quickest way to clean the machine is to pressure wash. If cleaning by hand use Isopropyl.
  1. Remove control box and hand clean. DO NOT get control box wet. It is not water tight. If using isopropyl avoid getting it on the rubber tire. This will dry it out causing the rubber to flake.
  1. Remove Tumbler, Hopper, Shroud and Belt Cover and hand clean. You can clean the Tumbler by soaking in hot water and Simple Green and then rinse.
  1. Remove black levers located next to the adjustment knobs on the cross bar and flip Bedknife up 90 degrees. This allows for easy cleaning on the back side of the Bedknife.
  1. Spray the entire machine with Simple Green and let sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  1. Use compressed air to dry machine.


Cleaning the Twister T4 Vacuum

DO NOT pressure wash vacuum as the motor is not water tight.

  1. Remove inlet cover
  1. Remove impeller (you will need a Pulley Puller 25-0009) and soak in hot water and Simple Green
  1. Clean inside the impeller housing using Simple Green
  1. Soak Vacuum bag in hot water and Simple Green and rinse.


It is recommend that you clean your machine every 4 hours and your vacuum every 8 hours of use. If not cleaned regularly build up will be very tough to clean off and will shorten the life of some parts. Make sure machine is clean and dry before storing. Recommended grease frequency for the bearings is every 1000 hours.

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